Hypertension is a condition that affects almost 50% of the population, and it is a leading risk factor for stroke and dementia as the brain is one of the major targets of the end-organ damage produced by blood pressure elevation. By inducing neurovascular dysfunction, hypertension greatly increases the brain’s susceptibility to vascular insufficiency, ischemic injury, and cognitive impairment. Therefore, it is essential to identify new targets to counteract the deleterious effects of hypertension on the brain. 



Research Support


Source: National Institutes of Health, NINDS/NIA (K22 NS123507)

Title: Neuroimmune mechanisms of cognitive impairment in salt-sensitive hypertension

Period: 07/2021 06/2026 

Source: American Heart Association, Second Century Early Faculty Independence Award (23SCEFIA1155595)

Title: Role of brain angiotensin-mediated tau phosphorylation in cognitive decline in aging and hypertension 

Period: 07/2023 06/2026 

Source: Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer's Center Pilot and Feasibility Grant

Title: Developing clinically relevant mouse model of ABCA7 mutations

Period: 12/2023 - 06/2024 

Co-PI: Jamaine Davis, PhD (Meharry Medical College)

"Hypertension and Cognitive Impairment: A Closer Look at Neuroimmune Mechanisms"

Rising Star lecture at AHA Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2022

"Role of Perivascular Macrophages in Neurovascular Dysfunction Induced by Hypertension" 

presented at the Neuroscience Futures Seminar hosted by OHSU Department of Neurology and OHSU Brain Institute - October 2021